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Hello everyone! I have decided on another blog to keep some of my memories as a caregiver in one place. Welcome to Adventures in Caregiving at!

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Laughter in the shower

I was helping my client with her shower when I suddenly coughed. She jumped on her shower stool at the loud noise. "You scared me!" Me: "I'm sorry. I usually cover my coughs but that one came out of nowhere!" She looked over the edge of the stool on both sides. Me: "What's wrong? I... Continue Reading →

Phone calls

My client gets numerous survey calls a week. This week it was a particularly persistent one about parenting. She handed me the phone. "Ma'am can I ask you a few questions about your plans on having children?" Me: "No. I'm sorry you can't. I'm 101 and I'm not planning to have anymore children." Her: "But... Continue Reading →

Evesdropping humor

Listening to a 45 year old grandson repeat back the questions and answers of the Family Fued game show to his 101 year old grandma, is my new favorite thing! "What do you have on when making love?" Him: "I bet it's the TV!"  Her: "Your poor wife." Show: "Socks!" Her: "If you were keeping... Continue Reading →

Christmas memories

Facebook Memories -- December 6, 2016  It is so interesting decorating someone else's Christmas tree. You aren't emotionally invested in these baubles that you nestle on branches.  You don't see family members and Christmases past as you unwrap that ornament that has been passed down from mother to daughter. You don't see that huge blizzard... Continue Reading →

Bizarre foods through necessity 

I was telling my client about how my Grandpa always brings up possums in conversation.  Then I preceded to tell her how he likes to wait at the meat display in the grocery store and make comments like, "You never find a good possum steak anymore. Sure wish they'd sell possum here."  When he was... Continue Reading →

Sharing the weather

I'm such a nice caregiver. Whenever I come in from walking the dog, my 101 year old client always asks how it was. "It's cold today and windy!" Her: "Oh is it? It's 45*. That's not too cold. It's been colder!" Me: "It's cold enough when all you are doing is walking." Hand her the... Continue Reading →

Dangerously Vintage

Facebook Status -- 9/29/17 I was talking to my client last night about how mercury was used in top hats which caused the term "Mad as a Hatter." (Thanks Mysteries at the Museum!) She asked, "How dumb can you get? Using mercury?!" Me: "Well, we always use things that we think are good until we... Continue Reading →

Feeling the love

Facebook Status 9/28/17 Overheard last night when my client's daughter came over: C: " I don't need them. I'm perfectly able to take care of the farm myself." D: "These ladies do a lot for you. Stuff that they weren't hired to do. Like your gardening and legal stuff." C: "I'm not saying they aren't... Continue Reading →

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