Blogging Humorous Memories

Hello everyone!

I have decided on another blog to keep some of my memories as a caregiver in one place. Welcome to Adventures in Caregiving at!

It would appear someone else has been using my favorite hashtag #adventuresincaregiving as their url, so sadly, I couldn’t use it. 😔

Oh well! 😄

I’ve been told repeatedly that I need to save my pithy little remarks that I make on Facebook and write a book about being a caregiver. I appreciate that love from good friends. Though I really don’t think that I’m that funny.

I’m just honest.

Caregiving is HARD work! I’m a live in caregiver for a lady who is 100 and half. She has her very firm opinions on certain things while I have my own. It’s all about balancing those opinions while trying to keep her engaged and not annoy her.

I fail frequently.

And let some of the most bizarre conversations I find myself in start!

What follows on “Adventures in Caregiving,” are those conversations, some of my delightful food frustrations, and contemplations of living life with my wonderful clients.

I am truly blessed to be a caregiver.




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