Mis-speaking adventures 

I have the fun ability to mess up my words when I speak, on a regular bases. It usually ends with confusion and laughter. 

But occasionally other people do it. And they blame me for being in my vicinity. 

This was my client last night.

June 21, 2017 -Facebook memories 

Such misunderstanding and hilarity!

My client & I were watching America’s Got Talent last night and I remarked:

“Simon sure does not like clowns. I’m not much of a fan of them either.”

Her: “Oh, I love them.”

Me: “Really?”

Her: “Chopped up, fried, in soup. Any way I can get them.”


Me: “Chopped up?”

Her: “Yep, fried is my favorite though.”

Me: “Clowns?” 🤡

Her: “Clams, yes.” 

Me: *light bulb!* 💡

“Not clams! Clowns! Red nose? Big shoes? Clowns!”

Her: “Oh, no, I don’t like clowns fried.” 







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