Client arguments (part 1)

May 20, 2016 —Facebook memories 

I inexplicably found myself engaged in an cultural/Bible argument with my client last night & couldn’t seem to find my way out of it. Everything I said just made her more mad. All the while her daughter was laughing at me. 

And the daughter started it by talking about her stay in Turkey years ago & how they say Noah’s Ark is supposedly on a mountain there. 

I said, “Did you know that there is a replica of the Ark that is supposed to come to the Puget Sound some time this summer, I think? Be cool to see it.” 

The daughter agreed & wondered if it was the actual size & done with the same material. 

This started my client arguing about how they didn’t have proper tools back then, we do. It wouldn’t be the same. 

I mentioned it was just to show that something that big could indeed float. 

Which somehow devolved into arguing about good/ clean animals that could be eaten — with the daughter piping up about insects that could be eaten. 

To which I said, “Yes. There are some insects that are considered biblically clean.” 

And my client said, “Well, not in any Good Book I’ve read. You obviously don’t know your Bible.”

I of course had to say, “Uh, I went to college and studied the Bible for 8 years. I have two degrees regarding the Bible.” 

She shut me down with saying, “I have a degree too, it’s called Life!” 
This is the woman who also ranted at me because I had the audacity to read Psalm 23 to her from my pocket NIV– because that’s no Bible. Only the King James is the proper Bible.








2 thoughts on “Client arguments (part 1)

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  1. Shouldn’t you just forgive them? The ark thing is a hard one for me. I can’t imagine being able to round up all those animals without getting killed, maybe they saved the venomous ones for last.


    1. There’s nothing to forgive. It was the humor of the situation that I was sharing. I agree, the Ark is hard to wrap my head around as well. I always wonder if they came in eggs, lol!
      But my client refused to believe that there were clean insects that the Israelites were allowed to eat. She’s a 100 and extremely set in her ways. I find myself in baffling conversations with her when she asks me a question. Sometimes I think she’d argue about the color of the sky if I said it was blue. I know she does when I mention it’s raining!
      Keeps me on my toes.
      Thanks for reading and commenting!


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