Caregiving PSA (part 1)

May 25, 2016 — Facebook Memories 

When your client obsessively smooths out every little wrinkle in the bottom sheet before sitting down on her bed: Wrinkle Release is your friend!

When the other caregiver gives up trying to smooth the wrinkles out of the fitted sheet fresh from the dryer before putting it the linen closet for you to find: Wrinkle Release is your friend! 

Wrinkle Release is your friend when your own bedtime is calling.

 Make sure to apply liberally while using smooth stroking motions to release the wrinkles while making the bed. Make sure also to use it early before bedtime so it has a chance to dry or else your client will have you stripping the bed to remake it. 

And do not allow your client to see said bottle friend, for it will cause a 15 minute rant on something called ironing which just sounds painful.






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