Client arguments continued

July 6, 2016- Facebook Memories 


Somehow my client & I got to talking about unclean vs clean food again (I know! I should have known better).

Me: “Pig is unclean, that’s why Jewish people don’t call it kosher.”

Her: “I never read anywhere in the Bible where it said pork was unclean, it has a cloven hoof!”

Me: “It says it, when God is listing what is good to eat and what is not, because it also doesn’t chew it’s cud. The Old Testament says it was forbidden.”

Her: “You show me. You’re wrong. You show me where it says it!

Me: “I will!” Used my nifty Google search engine to pull up Deuteronomy 14:8 and read it out loud.

 (Making sure to use only her acceptable translation- KJV- of course, because that’s a whole other argument)

Her: “Well, I’ll be. I’ve sinned a lot.”

Me: “Yeah, like every day.”

Her: “I must of refused to see that part every time I read it. I do like my pork.”







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