His hair is blond! No, grey!

July 22, 2017- Facebook memories 

Watching America’s Got Talent reruns last night with my client and suddenly found myself in an argument over “Donald Trump’s” hair color.

Her: “That is the ugliest grey hair I’ve ever seen! Even his eyebrows are grey!”

Me: “Who?”

Her: “That guy on stage. Get some hair color buddy!”

Me: “His hair is blond. It’s the blue light making it look grey.”

Her: “Open your eyes, that is grey.”

Tried to change the topic by talking about the Queen’s corgis. 

“Donald Trump” is still singing. 

Her: “Man, that guy has got to get his eyebrows at least colored. Absolutely horrid. How can you even think that is blond.”

Me: “He’s impersonating the President who is blond. That’s why this guy is blond.  The lights behind him make his hair look grey.”

Her: “My eyes work better than yours. You colorblind girl?”

“Trump,” walks off stage and is shown against something dark.

Her: “See, I told you he was blond.” 








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