I have the fun ability to mess up my words when I speak, on a regular bases. It usually ends with confusion and laughter.  But occasionally other people do it. And they blame me for being in my vicinity.  This was my client last night. June 21, 2017 -Facebook memories  Such misunderstanding and hilarity! My... Continue Reading →

Client pranks (part 1)

June 3, 2016 -- Facebook Memories  My client just 'accidentally' sprayed me right in the face. Shower nozzle hit me twice! Pretty sure I saw a smirk on her face when she did it too.  This'll be a fun day... #adventuresincaregiving  #showerdaymeanssoakedday #shewasaimingiknowit

Client wakes up too early (part 2)

May 15, 2016- Facebook memories Somehow, my client took my comment "Have to remember to open the garage door before 9am so we aren't stuck when they shut off the power." (PUD is changing a leaky transformer) As: Get up 3 hours early, rush through a shower, and sit in front of the tv.  Which... Continue Reading →

The never ending food saga (part 1)

April 28, 2016- Facebook Memories Yesterday's lunch saga (please remember that my client nearly always eats a crab melt for lunch) Me: "What would you like for lunch today?" Her: "I'm not really hungry....what do we have?" Me: "Well, all the usual ones. We have clam chowder, pizza, tuna, ham, crab, cheese, fruit, cottage cheese." ... Continue Reading →

When your client gets up too early

June 20, 2016 Facebook memories: Heard my client moving around this morning after I got out of my shower. She was early! I threw down the towel I was using on my hair and opened the door. The dog yipped and there was a quickly muffled scream when my client saw me. After she went... Continue Reading →

Blogging Humorous Memories

Hello everyone! I have decided on another blog to keep some of my memories as a caregiver in one place. Welcome to Adventures in Caregiving at caregivinghumor.wordpress.com!

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