September 6th, 2015--Facebook Memories Took my client's dog--GG--out for a walk as soon as I got to work this morning.  She came back in pretty wet, so I rubbed her down. Told my client, "She's still rather wet GG, so don't let (insert client's name) on your lap." Client: "I think I can manage not... Continue Reading →


Food battle (part …)

June 17, 2017 -- Facebook Memories  Setting the stage: The bread had a large bubble that went through half the loaf. ­čŹ× Morning: Place the toast in front of my client cut into 4 little triangles--its also that 90 calorie small bread. Not a big piece at all! ­čŹ× "I know you aren't hungry, but... Continue Reading →

Morbid Humor

September 8, 2016-- Facebook Memories  Client's grandson is digging out piping in the field before winter sets in. He came in to tell us that he had parked the backhoe near the house for the night. My client: "You know, I'm not dead yet. You could have waited to bring the backhoe in." Grandson: "You'd... Continue Reading →

Chocolate cures everything 

November 8, 2016 --Facebook memories  My client was pretty shaky yesterday as she was walking to her chair after dinner.  Me: "Are you okay?" As I help her maneuver into her chair.  Her: "Just shaky." Me: "Can I get you anything?" Covering her eyes with her hand and using a suddenly weak sounding voice: "Can... Continue Reading →

Shower attacks

September 9, 2016- Facebook Memories  Helping my client shower this morning when suddenly the shower curtain starts flapping & erupting with water. Me: "Ack! WHAT are you DOING?" Her: "The curtain is dirty." Me: "What? Can you please stop, you are soaking me." Her: "No, I can't. It keeps moving." Me: "Stop, just stop, and... Continue Reading →

Old farmer

August 19, 2015 --Facebook memories  My client was watching the news  (big surprise) when they were talking about the historic success of the first female Rangers.  After saying "You go girls!"  She promptly said, "I could have done that. I've beaten an angry bull to the fence an acre away!"

“To Be Remembered”

April 15, 2016 -- Facebook Staus Today was flower day.  I took my client, who is just a couple of short months away from being 100, out to the two cemeteries where her family resides. Like always, it was errand day, where we were out and about getting groceries and other needed items. I had... Continue Reading →

The reason I’m a caregiver

Last night had the "You'll-find-the-right-man- soon" talk with my client again.  I got her laughing when I told her that she failed me as a client.  She was supposed to have a single hardworking grandson that was at maximum 8 years older than me. Not a married 45ish with 2 teens.  She was still giggling... Continue Reading →

His hair is blond! No, grey!

July 22, 2017- Facebook memories  Watching America's Got Talent reruns last night with my client and suddenly found myself in an argument over "Donald Trump's" hair color. Her: "That is the ugliest grey hair I've ever seen! Even his eyebrows are grey!" Me: "Who?" Her: "That guy on stage. Get some hair color buddy!" Me:... Continue Reading →

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